General terms and conditions for Salamandre-Holiday Apartments in Liguria

1. Salamandre is a private owner of holiday apartments

2. The confirmation of booking for one of the holiday apartments legally stands for the conclusion of a short-period rental contract

3. If there is no other agreement, the apartment is available on the day of arrival at 5 p.m. and has to be left on the day of departure until 10 a.m. to guarantee a proper final cleaning.

4. The rental period can be negotiated, though in the peak season it usually lasts from Saturday to Saturday.

5. Deposit is 20 % of the rental fee. You will find the account number and method of payment on your confirmation of booking. Please notice that the confirmation of booking does not become valid before our account is credited with the amount of the deposit.

6. Please notice that with a rental agreement - in contrast to all-inclusive-travel-arrangements - a law about cancellation rights does not exist. We therefore have the right to claim full payment if you withdraw from the contract or don't claim to the object you booked. Nevertheless wee agree to the following cancellation fees:
- cancellation up to 30 days before start of rent: 30% of rental fee
- cancellation 29-8 days before start of rent: 50% of rental fee
- cancellation 7-1 days before start of rent: 90% of rental fee
- cancellation on the day of start of rent or not shopping up: 100%
The rental fee does not include a cancellation insurance. We reccommend you to sign some insurance of that kind.

7. Most of the apartments we procure are located in very old buildings (so called rusticos, often some hundred years old and built from natural stones). We would like to point out that visual standards (for examplr steep stairs), electrical and sanitary standards can not be compared to German security standards and German industrial standard norms. Please do not apply a too strict standard and please remember that your taste might not correpond with the owners taste.

8. Salamandre always takes care that all facilities mentioned in the descriptions are operating well.

9. Any complaints that might arise, for example faulty fittings, non-functioning devises, insufficient cleaning, are to be reported to us or our represenative on-site, so that an immediate redressment can be arranged.

10. You are requested to handle the apartment with care. If there should be damages nervertheless, these are to be reported to our representative. The tenant will be held responsible for the damages. We will try to settle the case in negotiation with us or our representative on-site.

11. We may withdraw from the contract, before or after the beginning of the tenancy

a)without compliance with extension, if the tenant, inspite of being warned, behaves in a way that endangers him or others or if the tenant behaves in a way that is contrary to the terms of the contract

b)without compliance with extension, if after the conclusion of the contract the stay in the apartment should be - because of an unforseeable Act of Nature - considerably complicated, endangered or affected, for example by storm damages or fire.

If Salamandre cancels the contract as to 11a, the rent will be kept. As to 11b all payments will be refunded, as far as Salamandre did not render services.

12. As a matter of principle we can only be hold responsible up to the amount of the rental fee.

13. We can not be hold responsible for force majeure or unforseeable interferences like power failure or sudden construction sites. Anyhow, we will do everything humanly possible to keep inconveniences as small as possible.

14. The apartment has to be left swept clean without leftover garbage.

15. Please note additional recommendations on our confitmation of booking.

16. By definition we can not take any guarantees if you sign a contract with other landlords of holiday apartments which were recommendet by us.

17. Any disputes arising hereunder will be settled before a competent Munich court of law.

Chris Buhmann
Susanne Kleder